If you are a vendor, make sure to join the VENDOR EMAIL LIST below otherwise you might be the LAST  :(  to know about 613flea events!

Applications for Oct. 6 are now closed. Accepted vendors have NOT YET been notified.
(Applications for 613flea open up at the beginning of the month for the following month).

Applications for 613Christmas (Dec. 1st ) in The Fieldhouse at Carleton University are now closed.
Accepted vendors have been notified.

Thanks to everyone who applies - but due to the volume, only accepted vendors will be notified.

PS- Vendors - please have a look at our F.A.Q. page here (hey, we get a bit cranky if you ask a question that is on the F.A.Q.- so please have a look there first).

You can check out some of the comments that vendors have made about participating here.

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